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2 Google Analytics Segments to Unlock New Data Insights

2 Google Analytics Segments to you can create to unlock new insights in your data.

When you are working with your Google Analytics data, there often can be insights that do not appear at first glance. This is why it is critical to have a solid set of segments in your arsenal so that you can get the business insights you need to make marketing decisions. Here are two of my favorite segments to drop in during any data audit: the age segment and gender segment.

Segmenting by Gender:

Gender Segments

This segment, though simple, is often overlooked. It offers a number of insights into customer demographics, visitor behavior differences, and uncover specific targets for future marketing campaigns.

Here are some data points to look at after you have created this segment in Google Analytics:

  • Look at the Product Purchase Behavior between genders. Are there significant differences in the way that men and women interact with your products?
    • If so, hone in on the differences to understand how to market and design future products for these gender groups.
  • Look at the Traffic Sources section. Are there sources that are driving significant more of one gender group? Is the eCommerce conversion rate between genders different within a single traffic source?
    • If so, focus on creating marketing collateral that takes that into account and appeals to your most profitable target audience on that source.
  • Look at the User Flow Behavior. Can you see a pattern or a common path that visitors of a certain gender take? What can be done to increase the ROI of those paths?
    • For example, use these paths to properly place a new gender-specific product you are trying to promote.

Segmenting by Age:

Segment Age


The age segment can provide great insight into how your marketing efforts and over website structure is resonating with various age groups. Of course, all these recommendations should be aimed at finding your target audience based on specific products or business objectives. These will be different for each data set.

Here are some data points to look at after you have created this segment in Google Analytics:

  • Look at the Traffic Sources section. Are there traffic sources that heavily favor a certain age demographic? Are there certain age groups that have a particularly low session duration?
    • If you see a low session duration with a certain group, your marketing could be failing to resonate with that specific age group.
  • Look at the All Pages section under the Behavior tab. Are there pages heavily favored by a certain age group? Is there a age group with a particularly high goal conversion rate?
    • If so, look into what that age group is interacting with to understand what appeals to them.
  • Look at New vs Returning section under the Audience tab. Is a certain age group showing a high return rate?
    • If so, focus on that segment to see what else you can find that is driving their interest (particular article, certain product, or a campaign).

Now these suggestions are just the beginning of what you can do with these segments. Hopefully, these give you a firm foundation to use these segments to further mine your Google Analytics data for valuable business insights.

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