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3 Google Analytics Sections To Monitor After Launching Your Landing Page

Discover 3 quick Google Analytics sections that can provide insights into your landing page’s success.

So the design work is done and your landing page is up and running. Hooray! However, to make sure your page is performing up to par, you need to know what metrics to monitor in Google Analytics. We compiled three sections that we like to use to inform our campaign optimization decisions for all our landing pages.

Behavior -> Events -> Overview:

This section is one of the most insightful for any landing page and can reveal how well your page is doing at converting on high-value goals. This, however, does require you to use Google Tag Manager and Buttons ID tags in your landing page code to make sure this metric works properly in Google Analytics. A quick walk-thru to do that can be found on MediaCause's tutorial. It is well worth the time as you will be able to see where every button click has occurred on your landing page and geo-demographic data on those that convert. (Note* - Be sure to use the same category event tag across the entire landing page so that the events appear under the one unified tag)

Google Analytics Event Actions

Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Source/Medium:

This section is a baseline dashboard that reveals an array of insights about where traffic is coming from and how they interacted with the site. Use this dashboard to select which traffic sources you would like to invest in more heavily in as you see which are sending the best performing traffic. The primary metrics to check in this section are event completions, avg. session duration, and bounce rate.

Google Analytics Source Medium


Audience -> Mobile -> Overview:

This is a section where you can quickly see whether there is a significant difference in performance between devices. This can inform you how to spend advertising budget to ensure you are driving visitors on the correct devices for the highest conversion rate. For example, poor results on the mobile traffic on this dashboard could indicate that your landing page requires mobile responsive design optimization.

Google Analytics Mobile

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