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A Weekend of Mammoth Proportions

"The weather was perfect and the sun loosened the snow for better riding conditions. We took full advantage of the great weather and magnificent snow available to us."

Being fairly new to Exsilio, I was unsure of what to expect after hearing about an annual ski trip to Mammoth Mountain. Knowing that this was not an Exsilio event and planned by a few employees, I automatically assumed that only a handful of coworkers would be attending. Regardless, my expectations were that this would be a great way to bond with some of my new workmates and showoff some killer snowboarding skills.Without hesitation, I was one of first to sign up. A couple of weeks went by and to my surprise more than twenty people signed up for the trip. So many employees signed up we were forced to reserve an additional cabin because of the mass of attendees. A surge of excitement grew within me as each new person was added to the list. The event got so large that we had employees flying down from our Redman location just to be a part of the fun filled weekend. Having some event planning experience in college, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the committee organizing the trip. I proposed that it would be a great idea if we all caravanned there. I immediately contacted some family who work in the rent a car industry and placed a 15-passenger van under my name. In addition to the van, we had two large sized vehicles for transportation.


Thursday March 20th
The day had finally arrived and the two cabins we originally reserved, quickly became three. The van, which we picked up at lunch, was packed and ready to go. With a turn of a key, we were on our way. Shortly after our departure, we decided to pull off the road for and interesting combination of pizza and burgers. After our late night dinner, we set off again with a sharp desire to reach our destination promptly. After six long hours of driving and a couple of necessary stops for cold drinks and fresh air, the weekend begun.

Friday March 21st (Day One)
We started Day One with a light breakfast and restless minds anticipating a successful day of wonderful snow conditions on the slopes. There was no disappointment when arriving on the mountain. Mammoth is renowned for being one California’s largest snow resorts with 3,500 accessible acres, 28 total lifts, and the highest elevation in the state at 11,052 feet.



Despite a brisk breeze that passed through every few minutes, the weather was phenomenal with blue skies and just a few clouds. The snow was packed, crunchy and well groomed and I did find some powder in low traffic areas of the mountain. The group ended up splitting based on skill level, but met for lunch and again for a couple beers after the mountain closed. We ended the day by throwing some juicy carne asada on the grill outside accompanied by a bowl of incredible homemade guacamole.


Saturday March 22nd (Day Two)
The next morning we woke up to sunshine and clear skies. We tossed what we had left of the carne asada on the grill for some steak and eggs. After everyone had seconds, we were ready for another great day. We tightened our boots, got in the van and headed straight to the mountain for Day Two. The weather was perfect and the sun loosened the snow for better riding conditions. We took full advantage of the great weather and magnificent snow available to us. We even skipped lunch to get more hours of fun. There was no area on the mountain that our boards did not touch that day. I feel like we covered every square acre of the accessible riding area. After a long day on our feet, we decided to grab an easy dinner at a local restaurant in the village. The combination of hot wings, coconut shrimp, ribs, burgers and Irish car bombs filled us up and it was time for a much needed good night sleep to ready ourselves for the drive home the next day.




Sunday March 23rd (Day Three)
Although a couple of us had an additional lift ticket for another day on the mountain, we all decided to stay in the cabin and ready ourselves for the ride back to Irvine. We made a quick breakfast, packed up and were on our way home. One thing I was yearning for the entire trip was to find the Mammoth Brewing Company and try some of their remarkable beers. Everyone agreed and we made a quick stop before heading home. We all (except for the drivers) participated in a beer tasting, grabbed some growlers and shopped for souvenirs to remember the weekend. The drive back home was much quicker than I anticipated. It felt like we were riding in the back of a 15- passenger Porsche. We all arrived home safely and felt refreshed for the upcoming work week.


Whether it was tearing down the mountain on a snow board, leisurely descending on skis, or just having a tall cup of hot coco in the main lodge, Mammoth is the best local mountain resort to escape the daily grind. I finally understand the logic behind the “work hard, play hard” mentality that everyone here lives by. One thing that could make a mammoth trip like this even better, is to be surrounded but a group of fun loving employees who know how to have a great time. With Exsilio, this is exactly what I got. To me, it was more than a weekend in a cabin with a couple co-workers. I felt that I was being born into group of people who love and respect each other like family. Believe me, in the workplace, that’s hard to come by. I tend to know potential when I see it and I know that there will be some great things happening here. I can’t wait to get started on the next big thing and grow with the Exsilio family.


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