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About the Exsilio Culture: Hard Work, Fun Rewards

The Hard Work / Fun Rewards model and why it works at Exsilio.

As a Sr. Marketing Manager with Exsilio Solutions, I specialize in Event Marketing, and believe me when I say that the world of events can be hectic at times.

Driving demand generation and creative assets for events requires around the clock communication including late night and early morning email marketing sends, short turn-around time on creative assets, fast approaching deadlines or scope changes, and long days onsite at conference centers. Our ability to handle this high intensity work load and our quick response to client’s needs is what makes our clients come back to Exsilio time and again.

Exsilio’s senior management team recognizes that our staff always does what it takes to get the job done and keep our client’s needs met. Because of this they have put into place a Work Hard / Get Fun Rewards workplace model. What do I mean by that you might ask? Well here are a few examples of the rewards given to Exsilio staff by senior management to say Thank You for years of committed service to the company and a job well done.

Annual Company Cruise:
Each summer our gracious owners take the entire staff and their significant others on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. The trip includes a formal dinner, local sightseeing, plenty of on-board activities, and down time to catch up with colleagues from both offices.

Holiday Festivities:
Why wait for just an annual cruise to get together and celebrate? Exsilio also has an annual holiday party each December for staff and significant others to celebrate the season, each other, and our hard work. We get the opportunity to dress up nicely, dinner is provided, and holiday gifts are given to staff.

A new perk that has been recently added for Exsilio staff is our increased vacation and PTO policy. We have increased personal days for all staff and have also introduced a tiered vacation time policy increasing paid leave for those individuals that have been with the company for four or more years. Exsilio has also added a brand new Sabbatical Policy allowing staff members that have been with the company for a minimum of three years to apply for and take a month long sabbatical, I personally will be taking advantage of this new policy soon when I take maternity leave.
My love for my job, clients, co-workers, and the added Work Hard / Get Fun Rewards benefits at Exsilio have kept me working here for nearly four years now; and I see that as only the beginning.

Interested in joining the Exsilio family? We are hiring! Check out our jobs page for more information on current positions.

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