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Ad Copy – How to Increase Click Through Rate

You’ve done the hard work, you’ve chosen the keywords, dialed in the targeting, and built the landing pages – Google & Bing are ready to serve your ad, and you’re ready for some new customers.

But why should a user click on your ad as opposed to another, or even an organic result? Writing a PPC ad is like trying to get a date through a text message, you’ve got to be convincing, and you don’t have a lot of characters to spare. This is the art of SEM, and here are a three proven techniques that will help.

  1. In exact match ad groups, use keywords in ad headline“Don’t miss another customer” had a higher click through rate in all ad groups it was tested.
    1. Because you have spent the time to break down keywords into relevant ad groups, spent the time to make sure the ad copy is relevant. Not only will this increase your CTR, but it will increase your relevance, which will increase your Quality Score on Google & Bing.
    2.  Use anxiety in your ad copy
      1. When testing ad copy on a high volume ad group, I tested the core message of that ad – one with anxiety, one without. Guess which worked better?
        1.       “Don’t miss another customer”
        2.        “Reach millions of customers”
  2. Dynamic Ad Headlines with broad match ad groups
    1. If you have broad match ad groups, you recognize that your keywords are going to cover a large set of queries.
    2. To help increase CTR in these ad groups, use dynamic text. {KeyWord:PPC Advertising}
      1.       Capitalize the “K” and “W” so that proper case is used when inserting the keyword.
      2.       Choose a relevant ad title in case keyword is greater than 25 characters. In this case, I used PPC Advertising as the ad title. Assuming that the keywords were relevant to that query.

Now it is time to test. Set both engines to even ad rotation [Google has “experiments” to aid with this], and watch the CTR and conversions. A key metric to understand the true effectiveness of an ad is Conversion Per Impression [CPI = Conversion/Impressions]. It is a true measure of your keyword choice, and ad copy, and landing page quality.

Keep in mind that testing is not a one-time event; it needs to be continually tested and optimized. Don’t be afraid to try something new or bold.

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