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For me, Halloween is a holiday that is full of memories, maybe even more so than Christmas or my birthday.

The excitement, anticipation and zest that I put into each and every costume and every "Trick or Treat!" I gave was bordering on obsession. I remember this one Halloween, when we lived in Minnesota, Halloween morning I woke up with a terrible cold, but because the weather was nice, my mum had said I could go to a few houses at least with my brothers and sister. As the weather does in Minnesota, it turned a complete 180 and started dumping snow. By the time we were going to go out Trick-Or-Treating there was already a good eight inches of snow on the ground and we were all banished to the house. Being the youngest and really the only one of true Trick-Or-Treating age, my siblings were much less bothered by this turn of events than I was. I was crushed, heart-broken, and quite frankly just feeling miserably sick. My brother, who was closest in age to myself, felt my pain and decided to brave the weather and go get his little sister some candy. He and my sister left the house, braving the cold for a good thirty minutes before returning with the plunder. After all of their hard work and energy, they were more and more reluctant to give me any of the goods, but I remember they gave me all of the Tootsie Rolls, which was my favourite. To this day, every time I eat one of those sugary sweet logs of chocolate, I get a warm fuzzy feeling of the Halloween it snowed two feet.

Little does the Tootsie Roll Company know how much of an effect it's had on me. Largely due to the face that their packaging hasn't changed in, quite literally, a hundred years. If opening a Tootsie Roll suddenly felt different, or eating one tasted different, it just wouldn't conjure up that same emotional response. Every company has the opportunity to create memorable experiences for their customers from day one, but finding and holding on to the essence of who you are as a company is the real way to create a legacy brand.

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