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Email Marketing and Social Media Saturation

Recently, noted writer and public speaker, Tim Ferris announced he would be moving more of his marketing to email from major social channels like Facebook and Twitter. The reason he gave is that today's world is a “battlefield of noise” and that with social media saturation, his blog posts were getting lost in the fray.

This social “saturation” is not unlike the barrage of direct mail in the late 90s, and the massive amounts of email we see today. Consumers often use social media to connect with friends, family, and acquaintances, and they have an incredible information to sift through from day-to-day. What’s more, with number of organizations leveraging social media networks as a key part of their content marketing strategy, many pages have a very small reach. In fact, only a very small number of an organizations’ followers will see any of their posts on Facebook.

Social saturation is a real concern - but it’s also a natural part of social media. Networks rise and fall, and the only way to keep up is to either set your sights on manageable networks where your followers are, or constantly play the social media field and try to be ubiquitous. The latter, for the most part, may not produce the best results unless you have dedicated community and marketing managers who have the resources to watch social at all times.

So what do you do with limited resources? The answer may lie in the resurgence of email marketing à la Ferris. “In a world where people change email addresses less often than physical addresses, it just made sense,” he says. While he hasn’t stopped blogging on his site, he sends his content out in an email format for those who want it. If you think about it, there’s good reason to think about running an email campaign: for starters, your audience has chosen to opt into your email list. These are qualified leads with whom you could share content, tips, and promotions that your organization offers.

Above all, there are two things your content marketing strategy needs to be successful: diversification and consistency. In both email marketing and social campaigns the best performers are those who have the time and resources to consistently maintain them. Content marketing is a constantly changing landscape – and success means picking the right strategy for your audience.  We’re not saying abandon your social channels, but it may be time to give email another try.

Has your business found that your social posts just aren't getting through to your customers? How does your content team overcome this roadblock?

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