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Employee Spotlight: Eric Ross

Meet Eric Ross, our IT & Operations Manager, and learn about his favorite hobbies, daily activities, and love for hockey.

  • Full Name: Eric Ross
  • Job Title: IT & Operations Manager
  • Practice: IT & Operations
  • When did you join Exsilio? February 2010
  • Hometown: Northridge, CA
  • Alma Mater: Full Sail
  • What was your major? I have an associate of science degree in Game Design
  • How would you explain your role here at Exsilio to a stranger? In very general terms, my team and I are responsible for keeping things running, not just on the technical side but the facilities as well. We are ultimately responsible to make sure everything is working at our Irvine, Redmond and India offices. This includes everything from our network, servers, laptops and printers to our lights, air conditioning, conference rooms, phones, office/kitchen supplies etc… if something needs to be taken care of, we do it.
  • What does a typical work day look like for you? My day varies quite a bit here, one hour may be spent setting up a new server or laptop, the next I could be helping another employee troubleshoot an issue on their project and the next I can be on a conference call for a project with stakeholders. Other employees frequently come over to my desk with a range of tasks they need help with, this also makes up a good portion of my day to day.
  • What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most? The variety, we handle such an array of things. It keeps things interesting. It’s also fun to be able to work with new technologies all the time. Who else gets to set up servers and change out soda lines? 😊
  • What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far at Exsilio? Don’t be afraid to try things, it’s one of the best ways to learn. Its OK to take risks, just take the time to understand the risk before you just jump into something, make sure they are calculated and then go for it.
  • What makes a great Exsilio employee? A team player with a good, positive attitude and someone that wants to own and be responsible for their projects. You can’t be on the sidelines and be successful. You need to drive things.
  • What has been your favorite experience at Exsilio? Although it also qualifies as one of the hardest, my favorite experience is probably working on Orange Studios. My team spent many long days and nights setting up all of the networking, TVs, conference rooms, phones, and workstations. It was a really awesome sense of achievement and teamwork that we got it all done. I’m proud to visit up there and see all the employees and Orange Studios members using the space that we worked so hard to set up.
  • What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work? I am a huge Los Angeles Kings fan and also play hockey. I love to try all kinds of restaurants and breweries in the area as well as go on hikes (I do much more eating than hiking though)
  • What is your favorite activity to do in the Orange County area? I mentioned it above but trying the many great restaurants around here, go to breweries, hike and play hockey.
  • Food that you can’t live without? Hot wings
  • If you were to plan your dream vacation, where would you be going? Trip to Europe, notably the countries known for their beer – Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic.
  • Favorite Game (board or video )? Dark Souls 2 on PS4


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