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Employee Spotlight: Madhuri Pasupuleti

Read a quick interview with one of our Developer Consultants about what she loves about her work and her favorite hobbies!


  • Full Name: Madhuri Pasupuleti
  • Job Title: Developer Consultant II
  • Practice: Data Warehouse
  • When did you join Exsilio? June 2016
  • Hometown: Hydrabad, India
  • Alma Mater: Bachelor- Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Masters- University of Akron
  • What was your major? Masters in Information Systems Management. My previous working experience was in data warehousing, and I wanted to go a step further an learn more data analytics. It gave me that opportunity!
  • How would you explain your role here at Exsilio to a stranger? Umm, Ok. I would tell them that I work for a team in Microsoft. I help them with their marketing data, to provide the ability to analyze and make decisions to drive their business.
  • What does a typical work day look like for you? I start my day in the office with a meeting. I will get to know what tasks I need to do for that day or week. I will look at the sprint and find my name. Start working on them. I divide my day into two halves. I first focus on tasks I can complete quickly. The second half of the day I focus on development and tasks that require analysis. I like my first half of my day to be quick with easier tasks so that I am able to build momentum for the harder tasks!
  • What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most? In my project I really enjoy completing my tasks and the feeling I get from that. Aside from the project, I love the events we have, potlucks, game nights, and my colleagues are very friendly. Company trips are really fun too!
  • What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far at Exsilio? Own the problem. I am not afraid to make mistakes. Exsilio makes me feel very comfortable about that. Even if you make a mistake, own the problem to resolve it. Also, be very open and communicate with your peers for better results.
  • What makes a great Exsilio employee? Be proactive! Don’t limit yourself to complete the task. Think about what else you can do in the project. And make sure to communicate that. Your manager will listen to you.
  • What has been your favorite experience at Exsilio? PALM SPRINGS! Also my office is really fun. We take breaks and hang out. Also leadership allows us to do social events that we want to do. There is a social calendar every month.
  • What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work? I love movies. My husband and I are crazy movie fans. We have movie pass and totally take advantage of it. Now that we got our Nintendo switch from Exsilio, we play a lot. I also love to try cooking new and healthy foods.
  • What is your favorite activity to do in Seattle? There is a waterfront in Kirkland that my husband and I like to go to and watch the people and boats. It is very nice and we go often.
  • Food that you can’t live without? Chicken! I want it to be deeply fried with a lot of spices!
  • If you were to plan your dream vacation, where would you be going? One of my co-workers said there is a Mario game you can play there on the road. I want to go and play!
  • Favorite Game (board or video)? Nintendo Mario Kart right now! We play every day!


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