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Exsilio Collaborating for Success

Here’s an example of how we put our Exsilio Fundamentals into practice. This week: a puzzle challenge!

The Fundamental of the Week

During my 4 years at Exsilio, I have been lucky enough to take part in a lot of fun activities. Whether it's Cruises, Palm Springs, Mammoth, Cabo or staying local for Game Nights, Laser Tag, Angel Games, and picnics, Exsilio likes to have a good time. However, having fun is not our only goal here. One of Exsilio’s pillars is People Developer, which means we aim to improving ourselves and others through conversation, leading by example, and sharing our talents. One way that we work on this pillar is through weekly fundamental. The fundamental often revolves around developing or maintaining good habits or characteristics for successful people.

Last week our fundamental was Collaborate for Success, and we decided to have a little fun with it! Each office was provided a 1,000 piece puzzle and the objective was to complete it by the end of the week.

Collaborating for Success_ Puzzle

Turns out we have some employees who are puzzle masters! Also seems like we have some people who have not completed a puzzle since Elementary school. In the end, we collaborated together to finish the puzzle. By Friday, we were able to put that final piece in! We accomplished the goal. Everyone participated and really took ownership of solving the problem.

Working at Exsilio continues to push me to think outside the box about simple concepts, like Collaborate for Success. The activities are made even better by the great co-workers that I get to experience them with.


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