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Exsilio’s Creative Process: From Sketch to Conception

How does our Creative Department tackle a project? Check out this guide on establishing a creative style and approach in Exsilio’s creative process.

Here at Exsilio's Creative Department, we pride ourselves on our ability to approach any project with an original and unique vision.


When it came time to brand our own printed materials (including various case studies, offering flyers, and our all-up company brochure), we started to think about how to establish a style. Gathering references from both the Swiss-style and post-modernism, the Creative Department's team of designers looked to the avant-garde aesthetic for creative inspiration and guidance. From here, we developed a simple but elegant approach to our newly acquired collateral. By using basic geometric shapes and a limited color palette, we employed the most fundamental rule of graphic design... "Less is more".

With such a minimalist ideology, we turned to the challenge of differentiating between the flyers. We also needed to discover how to speak to the content of each individual offering This meant introducing some form of "personalization" in order to make each piece unique. A simple solution was adding a collage of background elements to form an individual look & feel for each of the handouts.



In developing the department's flyer, we took the opportunity to display our creative talents. If a graphic artist is trying to make an impact, the design needs two things: aesthetic appeal and substance. We decided we'd communicate imagination and ingenuity by using a traditional art practice - a series of hand drawn sketches. By adding a new element that still used the overall look & feel of our previous materials, we ended up demonstrating the Exsilio motto - we redefined what we thought was possible!

From a theoretical standpoint these two applications (both formal and contemporary design) posed an interesting challenge to our creative team, because they represent two competing forms of thought. Naturally, print design is based out of the contemporary approach to graphic art, which is the theory of "replication". The ability to duplicate a piece of art allows for reproduction on a mass scale - such has been the foundation of graphic design within the business model. Whereas, fine art including painting, sketching, and other traditional practices, prides itself on its inability to be replicable. From here, you start to see how Exsilio's Creative Department took an innovative approach and defied the norm by combining both forms of design into one successful piece of art. Below is an example of the Creative Services flyer as well as some of the sketches which did not make the cut.

Exsilio Creative Department Process

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