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Improving the Processes for an Expanding Support Team

A few best practices that can improve support processes and help get more insight into how well current processes are performing.

4 Ways to Improve Support Processes

We work in a business in which technology is forever expanding, which demands rapid turnarounds and quality attention to customers & stakeholders.  In the support world, there are numerous requests throughout each day that are greatly impacted by this high demand. 

Luckily, with improvements to technology, we have many tools in our arsenal for tackling the ever-growing challenges.  After finding a great tool that works for your organization, you can start building out processes to get the most out of it.  With that, all you’ll need to do is make minor adjustments to these existing practices and look for new ideas in delivering the best solutions to our customers.

Here are a few best practices that I feel can improve support processes and help get more insight into how well current processes are going.

Create and Maintain a Self-Help Portal

Often, customers encounter similar issues that have easy solutions.  Instead of going through the contact process and SLA, they can access a portal that can solve their problem right away, or even give the support team more background on the problem if the portal does not have their answer.  This will eliminate a lot of potential tickets that are usually noise.

Send Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What’s the best way to know how a customer feels about their support experience?  Just ask them.  Posing a survey to the customer after their ticket has been closed is a great way to gauge their overall experience.  Obviously, you won’t get everyone to fill one out, but if you have an extremely satisfied/dissatisfied customer, you will get a response.  This is a great channel for giving you clear sign into what is and isn’t working in the process.

Create and Maintain an Internal Documentation Hub

What really helps the efficiency of the support team is having centralized system of documentation that everyone keeps updated.  This ensures that the team is always in-the-know and knowledge is always shared.  This can also attribute to updating the FAQ and the Self-Help Portal, thus helping the customers further.

Build Canned and Custom Reports

Current ticketing systems can generate generic reports that can be easily customized and shared with others.  This gives the entire team constant insight into how things are going with current tickets and the trend throughout the year.  With that, the data can be used to help the management determine the areas for improvement.

Here at Exsilio, we keep in mind a practice of continuous improvement, where we examine the results of changes that have been implemented by closely monitoring metrics indicators that let you know if everything is moving in the right direction.  By following these practices, you are ensuring your customers and clients are getting the solution they need and are gaining a lasting, positive impression of the practice.  Another take away is that no matter how minuscule or simple the improvement may seem, it can greatly impact your organization.


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