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Marketing for the Film Prometheus: You’re Doing it Right

When I first saw the trailer for the new Ridley Scott film, Prometheus, several months ago, I thought it looked like a pretty good sci-fi film, but I wasn’t “over the moon” excited for it.

The film is about a team of explorers that discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey through the universe where they must fight to save the future of the human race. One would think that a film of this magnitude would be able to carry its own weight through the standard release of trailers, clips and website. However, the marketing team had other things in mind.

The first piece of marketing was a TED talk video set in the year 2023 (same time the film is set in). Guy Pierce, playing the CEO of fictional Weyland Industries, describes how he will change the world.  Organizers from TED helped Ridley Scott envision what a TED talk from the future would look like and it comes off really well done.

Next, they released a video about David, a robot from Weyland Industries, where we learn about his emotions and the world he lives in. The video is very cool, for instance the robot in the video is eerily life-like. It feels like something Apple would produce to show off one of its new products.

Finally, there’s the film’s website. The website is designed to be the corporate website for Weyland Industries, complete with product list, about the company, and a career page. In fact, if someone stumbled onto this site without knowing about the film, it could easy fool them into thinking that it was an actual company.

With all of this marketing, including the mystery surrounding the plot, and the fact that this might be a prequel to Alien, movie goers will likely flock to it this summer as the buzz heats up.

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