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Second Screen: Today’s Media Buy Landscape

Ten months ago, I wrote a post about the ‘Second Screen Phenomenon’ and how marketers intend to harness it at the 2012 Superbowl.

As we approach 2013, it's becoming less 'phenomenon', and more 'reality'.

There’s a reason why you’re seeing hashtags in commercials, why Microsoft released Smartglass, and why social media is changing sportsAs Lance Ulanoff of Mashable writes, "Marketers see blood in the water, and in 2013 they will release the sharks." Here are some facts from Ulanoff's article:
• More than 80% of smartphone and tablet owners use these devices while watching TV.
• At least 25% of U.S. smartphone and tablet users use the devices while watching TV multiple times per day.
• 51% of those who post on social media while watching TV do so to connect with others who might also be watching the same thing.

Media buyers are living in a new and exciting world—but what complications does this new landscape come with? As Mike Nutely from Admonsters puts it:

“We’re clearly also at a turning point where buying media becomes more difficult. Previously all you needed to do was specify what kind of demographic you were trying to reach with what frequency, and your media agency would go off and buy 30 second ad campaigns for you and all you had to do was supply creative.
Now, the opportunity is to synchronise that on the second screen with digital, targeted, personalised calls to action, where customers can engage with the brand and buy the product immediately, rather than having a long gap between seeing something on the first screen and taking action on it.”

We’ve reached a time in which devices and connectivity abound. Customers everywhere can now be reached anywhere. The catch is that the complexities stack. It’s never been more crucial for brands to target the right people, relay the right message, and call for the right action.

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Mike Nutley: http://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2012/07/24/what-does-second-screen-mean-brands-mike-nutley-meets-zeebox

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