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SEO Your LinkedIn Profile

If you love what you do, it doesn’t stop after you leave work. I love search, and I’m always looking to try something new. As such, I turned to my LinkedIn profile.

I’ll be honest, since starting at Exsilio, I hadn’t really touched my LinkedIn profile – like most that aren’t looking for a new job, it gathered a little dust. I decided that I could test some techniques to increase my performance on LinkedIn search.

Here is what I did:

- Increased the use of industry keywords in my descriptions of past positions and personal summary. I researched by looking at profiles of people in mid-level roles [because they’re still looking to move up in a company and presumably care about their LinkedIn profile]

- Joined 40 groups relevant to my industry, and other’s that interested me.

Here is why those two steps are important:

LinkedIn uses a modified character-based search [keywords], just like Google & Bing. To show up in a search related to your industry, you need to have industry terms. Simple, right?

Groups - who cares?!

Joining groups is important because it creates a connection to people outside of your network, regardless if you’ve ever worked or connected with them.

Example: A small business is looking for a SEM professional - they search for that term in LinkedIn. Because we both share “small businesses of Seattle” as a group on LinkedIn, I will show up in their search results, even though we have no other connections.

In addition, I chose to update my headline to reflect the accreditations that I have in the Search industry. Why? Because that is the blurb that people see next to my name in the search results page.

Up Up and Away!

Since implementing these changes, my appearances in LinkedIn search have increase by 283% percent! That is amazing! LinkedIn provides metrics of “How Many Times Have You Appeared In Searches” = your new best friend. Although the data is quite sparse, you can get a good idea of how well your changes are performing.

Since making these changes, I’ve continued to refine my keyword strategy, and am testing how apps and other LinkedIn features. Nothing conclusive yet, but I’ll keep on testing!

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