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Surface RT – The Good and the Bad

The Good and the Bad when it comes to the Surface RT.

So I got a Surface RT on Monday and have gotten to play with and send around the office and let everyone play with.

I have an iPad and honestly would be MORE than happy to switch off full-time to a MS based device if I could.

The Good:

Overall User Experience - So it takes a little getting used to, but once you go through a few days and you start to see some of the nuances (pinching, sliding, top, bottom, side), it really is pretty good.

Desktop mode in RT - Even though its an RT machine, honestly its pretty good, lots of stuff is there and just really functional

Syncing between devices - Really pretty cool, between my normal work laptop and my Surface, it syncs really well.

Apps -Yeah, I know's there's less apps than every other platform, BUT for the most part (at least for work) there are lots of Apps (lync, Remote Desktop, Hyper-V Manager, Netflix, ...).  So I'd say it a great start.

Other - the keyboard is pretty cool, along with the camera.

The Bad:

NO OUTLOOK! - need i say more?  Anyone who knows me, knows I will.  So the Surface Email client, just doesn't cut it.  if we are going to be resolved to having to use this, unless they want everyone to use OWA instead, then we need some significant drag and drop capability.

The Keyboard - for as cool as it is... the keyboard has a couple flaws.  1. In every commercial they obviously are advertising the hell out of the keyboard, why on earth would they sell it differently.  Isn't this a differentor?  Sure sell separately (incase I break mine), but also include by default in the device package.  2. if the keys we're just a bit more pronounced it would be great.

Cell Carrier Option - The number 1 reason I won't be getting off of my iPad, is becuase of my ATT plan attached to it and it is the connectivity everywhere tablet.  Unfortunately I'm stuck with it until Microsoft adds it.  I really just don't understand why.

Confusion in Interface - Its great but its just confusing.  I still don't think I understand the iterface and how best to work effeciently in it to the most.  I don't know if a help video is needed or some sort of intro app by default (i actully like that one).

Less Apps - They're short.  One of my favorite apps is Zillow (to dream about dream houses and what if I was a billionaire :)).  They're short, no way aroud that i have to imagine that they'll come.

So, the net its a pretty good device and I like a lot and I can definitely use alot of the time.

Unfortunately until they have a way to cell carrier tied to it (and not through another device), so I can have connectivity everywhere like i do with my iPad.  Example, my Sundays where were at the bar watching the games we ALWAYS have the app open for fantasy football (ipad).

Keep more good stuff coming.

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