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Top 10 Places to Meet Up for After Work Beers in Redmond

With the number of people living around and commuting to and from Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, Washington, you might guess there are quite a lot of after work drink meetings happening.

And you’d be right. I’ve reviewed many of the beers found at these spots on my beer blog, enjoy the read.

When it comes to beer, Redmond has you covered. Redmond has become quite the hub for breweries – some just starting out, some with quite the following:

10.    Palmer’s
There’s gotta be a number 10. Palmer’s is it. It smells… ahem… seasoned by the folks that come to dance at night and sing karaoke. Average beers, super nice bartenders, and a great place to go if you want to have some fun after dinner.

9.    Willow’s Run Mini Golf – Rainbow Run
Yep. Mini golf. Why? Because they sell giant beers in cans in the clubhouse. Really standard stuff like PBR, Bud Light and Fosters. And yes, you can take them on the course! Good luck going back for more once you’re already playing, the trail back is pretty much non-existent.

8.    Flying Saucer Piazza
Yep, a pizza joint. They have great pizza, and they also carry all the local stuff on tap. Black Raven, Hi-Fi, Mac and Jack, and more.

7.    Daman’s
Daman’s is the closest bar to Microsoft main campus, right on 148th and 24th. They have decent food, and a surprisingly good list of beers. Plenty of seasonals and all of the standard weak American beers you’d expect at a dive bar. Pool tables, pull tabs, and darts, too. All around good old American fun.

6.    JJ Mahoney’s
Great Irish fare and beers, with one of the better half and half’s in the area. That would be a half pint of Harp, with a float of Guinness. Their website needs some work, but that’s just the mark of a true Irish pub. Time spent drinking, not spent developing.

5.    Celtic Bayou
Hush puppies and Guinness. Need I say more?

4.    Three Lions Pub
No doubt the best place in Redmond to catch a cricket match, or an English Premier League game. Three Lions sports traditional English pub food, but with many American additions, such as their loaded hamburgers and all the English and Irish ales to go along with it.

3.    Hi Fi Brewing
The newest addition to the Redmond brewery lineup. Hi Fi has great beers, and a super modern, sleek and clean taproom. Ask one of the owners (always hanging out) for a tour and they will be happy to oblige.

2.    Malt & Vine
Some hundreds of bottles of beer, wine and cider reside at Malt & Vine. They also have approximately 10 beers and wines on tap at any given time. Typically all the best of that season. Their bottles are categorized by country of origin, and you’ll be guaranteed to find all the usual suspects and all the hard to find seasonals here too. No kitchen, but bring in your own food, or have it delivered from one of the delicious restaurants next door.

1.    Black Raven Brewing
Black Raven is known for their strong ales, comfortable atmosphere, and really classic standard beers. While they don’t have a kitchen, they have a rotation of food trucks that park in their lot. Speaking of parking, you will probably have to park on the street or far back in their lot on any given night, as this is a lot of people’s number one, not just ours.

What am I missing? Where do you go for a great beer selection? Leave a comment and let me know, or tweet us @exsilio, or find us on Facebook.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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