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What Does Social Success Look Like

In the world of social media there are as many ways to measure success as there are ways to cook eggs.

When all is said and done, it comes down to what matters most to you. Are you using social media as an engagement tool, a means to drive traffic to your website, or for social selling? Each has its own unique recipe to measure by.

Social Media Measurement Profiles
Community Builders
Here we care about nurturing a growing community and making sure clients feel they have a voice. The important measurements here are: growth of followers, likes, retweets, @mentions, sentiment (if you can, more on this later in the month…), and true conversations that are had.

Traffic Jam
We want to be overrun with website traffic and we want it yesterday. Measurements to take account of here: clicks on links, referral traffic to site, conversions to leads, reach and click-through rates.

Social = Customer Service
In this case, we’re looking for the easiest, fastest way to answer questions, take care of issues and turn a client’s frown upside-down. We need to look at: comments, @mentions, direct messages, and reviews.

Sell It to Me
It’s all about the units, services and Benjamin’s. You’re going to be looking at: direct response sales, conversion rates, direct traffic, and lead-to-customer metric.

Here at Exsilio we use an arsenal of tools to measure our social media success as a company. I love the painlessly easy and free Twtrland because it gives the forest-for-the-trees view of our Twitter profile. It shows us quickly what we need to look at, who our followers are and how our engagement is doing.


For our daily goings on, scheduling of posts and reporting on KPIs for all things @exsilio social, we use Hootsuite Pro. The integrated way that Hootsuite shows you your overlap with Tweets and posts to our Google Analytics keeps us coming back for more. It’s just the ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment we search for when trying to find the ‘why’ behind traffic.


No matter your social purpose, there are certainly ways to measure your ROI and what that truly means to your business.

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