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Why Consulting is a Great Career Opportunity

The 3 reasons why consulting is the great career opportunity: Training, Networking, and Experience.


  1. On-the-Job Training

So why is consulting a great career opportunity? Well, due to the number of projects you’ll work on and the speed at which these projects are delivered, you’ll quickly acquire the skills and techniques you need to be successful in a wide range of career paths.

This isn’t to say that formal training isn’t an effective way to learn, but real-world environments and working on user-facing products provides more valuable experience.

In addition, the people you work with on consulting projects tend to be more experienced. The processes and knowledge you need to command as a successful consultant become quickly apparent and tend to be easier to acquire while working with groups of professionals that have been working in these environments for a greater period of time.

  1. Variety of Experience

Being a consultant leaves open opportunities to gain a wide variety of experience. Quite often the first project you are assigned will be much different from the next. This is of great benefit to junior level professionals still determining in which direction they want to take their career.

The variety of experience earned will provide a unique opportunity to determine what functional area or technological field fits best due to projects one will undertake during the course one’s employment (or even over the course of a year) as a consultant. Even if you are sure of a specific industry, consulting gives you the opportunity to see the culture of other companies and meet people who operate within differing working environments, which is a very significant factor in finding a place to be successful in your next career move. Though, if variety makes work more interesting for you, it’s quite likely consulting is the best direction for your career.

  1. Networking Opportunities

Being part of a consultancy is one of the best ways to make and sustain valuable business connections. Working with both clients and other consultants will help establish and solidify a wide variety of business relationships. These relationships can span all levels and functions within a business. Valuable mentoring and learning opportunities often become a result of these relationships.

The ability to snap to new processes and work within new teams will serve working professionals well who are looking to earn a wide range of valuable experience on paper and in the field.

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