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Got a Niche?

The most important decision to make before creating an advertising campaign is determining the audience you would like to reach - or finding your niche market.

howtofindanicheNobody wants to spend time and money promoting a product or service to an indifferent audience. An advertising campaign should be aimed at the most qualified potential buyers of your product. Campaign segmenting can help your ad reach different audiences who may be interested in your product for different reasons.

Luckily, in the world of social media and digital advertising, the depths to which a campaign may be fine-tuned to reach the most specific market – a niche market-- is now possible.

Having worked in the world of advertising during the days when print media was king, I am continually fascinated and impressed by the ways in which digital media has completely transformed the world of communication and advertising.

When I first started working in newspaper advertising, a call center of 80-100 “sales” representatives could not handle all of the incoming business our customers were trying to give us. I use the term sales loosely because back then it was more of a data entry position rather than a sales position. The faster we could type and enter the advertisements the more money we made in commissions. Usually the extent of our selling would be to “upsell” a customer on a boldface headline in their ad for an extra $5. Another option we “sold” was increasing the size of an ad by digitizing a black and white company logo to include in the ad. This usually took the work of three different departments several days to do so. We also continually impressed upon our customers the importance of adding a lot of white space in their ad since that really “drew the reader’s eye” to the ad. Of course, this jacked-up the overall size of the ad as well—and—in turn-- our monthly commission checks.

Targeting specific customers in a newspaper was limited as well. In recruitment advertising, the most important decision was in determining where to list the ad alphabetically. The ad had to start with the word Sales in order for it to appear under the “S” section with the other sales ads. Of course, we could further target the customer’s audience by offering to run a 3-5 line referral ad in another section of the newspaper. If the customer’s ad was to gain applicants for an automotive salesperson position they might run their main ad under “S” for Sales, and then we would upsell them on also running a smaller ad under “A” for Automotive: “Automotive- see our main ad under Sales for Automotive Sales Manager- Joe’s Car Dealership.” Talk about targeting!

Enter the world of social media advertising.

There are hundreds of social media applications and websites to choose from when considering an advertising campaign, but I would like to review the Twitter option.


Founded in 2006, Twitter quickly became one of the largest and fastest-growing social media websites and mobile phone applications in the world. By their own definition, Twitter is “…an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. It's an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you care about.”

With millions of people using the Twitter application and website for free, it was only natural for the company to monetize the product through advertising. Using the Twitter platform, the levels to which an individual or business can target and customize a campaign are astonishing.

Advertising campaigns can be created for the purpose of a.) Increasing followers, b.) Building website clicks and conversions, or c.) Increasing the number of mobile application installs. You can also create multiple campaigns to achieve any combination of these goals.

As far as targeting niche markets, Twitter can segment, customize, and pinpoint a campaign to reach extremely specific audiences. Would you like your ad to be seen by Spanish-speaking women in New York and Los Angeles between the ages of 18-35 who mainly use an Android mobile device to use Twitter? It can be done. Maybe you would prefer to target male desktop computer users who are interested in surfing or scuba diving. No problem! Using the keywords and interest categories available in the dashboard this can easily be done as well. The interface even goes so far as to allow a campaign to target viewers of specific television shows!

However you have chosen to promote your business or product in the past, you owe it to yourself to start experimenting with the options offered in social media. Twitter now has 289 million active users. To ignore this medium and its ability to pinpoint your audience would be to miss countless sales opportunities.
If you would like to learn more about the power of Twitter advertising, Facebook advertising, or other social and digital media options, please contact us here: www.exsilio.com/contact and one of our marketing experts will be happy to assist you.

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