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The good, bad and ugly – Introduction to BOT


Bots are computer programs that do automated, repetitive, and predefined tasks based on configuration. Some bots required specific inputs to execute the required commands. Some bots run itself automatically. Bots are powered by a mixture of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to engage in a human-like interaction with an end-user.

General Workflow of Bot



User Input

Users provide various inputs such as text, speech, taps, etc. For example, User gives command to Alexa, Siri, Cortana and many more.


The inputs are provided through various digital devices. There are various devices available in the market with built-in assistant like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.


These are the medium for transferring data into the system by various applications through the internet. User can use channels like Skype, Cortana, Teams etc.

Bot Service

This is an interface to send and receive messages/events with the Bot framework.

Bot Frameworks

Every bot uses these data in different bot utility to provide automated services such as speech, vision, QnA, etc. There are different frameworks available to build bot as per the requirements such as chat bot, crawler bot, etc.


It dispatches the data in various forms like 3P assistants, Knowledge sources and Customized applications. The result/response is received in different forms and data designed as per need of the application.

Types of bots


Good bots are created for the beneficiaries of real-time systems. It provides assistants to the systems to behave intelligently. It automates the process for ease of interactions with other systems.


Bad bots perform malicious actions, steal data, attack the sites or networks through such things as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. It can be used to carry out some harmful activities like form spam, account takeover, bid sniping, ticket scalping, content and price scraping and others.

Below are some good and bad bots:


Different frameworks for bot development

  1. Microsoft Bot Framework: It provides 2 components for development: Channel connectors and BotBuilder SDKs.
  2. Google Dialogflow: Use to build chatbots and voice apps. It supports channels like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Twitter, Viber, Slack etc.
  3. IBM Watson Assistant: It provides SDK for the developers to build applications around Watson Assistant in Java, Python, and iOS.
  4. Amazon Lex: It provides SDKs for iOS and Android for building bots for your mobile apps.
  5. SAP Conversational AI: It provides SDK for Ruby, Javascript, Python, PHP, Java.
  6. Wit.ai: It provides SDK in Node.js, Python, Ruby.

There are many more frameworks to develop bots. You can choose the framework as per your requirements.


Example of interaction with Skype BOT


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