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Cruise Time!

Belinda recalls learning she was joining the company cruise her first day on the job.

"Are you available late August for our company cruise to Mexico?"

Not a usual sentence you hear on your first day at a new company. Believe me when I say this is what I heard as I was finalizing my W2 form for Exsilio Solutions.

Coming into a new company is always daunting - Is everyone friendly? Am I dressed too corporate or too casual? Who will I have lunch with? What is my first week going to be like? This is what everyone thinks about right? Well what better way to be immersed into the company culture than sailing off to Mexico!!

During our time at sea there were endless poolside hours of chatting, team karaoke, multiple activities in Ensenada including zip-lining, wine tours and local sightseeing, on-board mini golf, ping pong games and after each day coming together for a group dinner and a few laughs.

What I have most enjoyed so far at Exsilio Solutions is the work hard/play hard mentality. Coming into the office each day you really feel a sense of everyone going the extra mile for our clients and ensuring each task is done effectively and efficiently. On the other side, throw us all on a boat or even having a Friday team lunch and everyone is enjoying each other's company and having fun! This aspect of a company is so important to me and I am so glad that this is the environment I come to each day. Knowing that the team will pull together an exceptional result for the client as well as be able to sit back, relax and share a fun experience is really cool!

As a new recruit I have been able to settle into my day to day job within a friendly and approachable team who are always open to my questions and offering their knowledge.

Here I am on the other side after a few awesome days of cruising the North Pacific, soaking up the Mexican culture and getting to know the Exsilio Solutions team better. Looking forward to next time…

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