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Thanksgiving at Exsilio

Thanksgiving is a time to rejoice and be grateful for all the good that has happened to us over the past year. At Exsilio it is also a time for employees to gather and stuff our faces with delicious food! We get excited every year to show off our cooking (or buying for us non cooks) skills during the Thanksgiving potluck. Both our Redmond and Irvine offices took part in what is quickly becoming a yearly tradition. Employees battled in the morning to get our work done as the aromas of everyone’s dishes filled the air.

Finally noon hit and it was time to feast. The hardest part was deciding what to eat first. It was obvious that multiple plates were going to be needed, which wasn’t a problem because of how much food there was! As everyone grabbed their food and got situated, the jokes and laughing began. The big topic of the day was plans for thanksgiving break and buying movie tickets to the new Star Wars flick in advance. Plate one went down with ease. Plate two was where the food wall kicked in.

As food coma took over the office, we turned to the dessert. Sugar was going to be our friend and savior at this point. One of the co-workers made a Jello that included some secret ingredient. The objective was to guess what that ingredient was. We all failed at guessing, but succeeded at becoming sugared up like we were 10 and just finished trick or treating.

All in all it was a fun day with great food and even better coworkers! Now I am off to the treadmill until 2016!





written by Thomas Frisch

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