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Employee Spotlight – Sylvia Cortez

Many people ask us, “What is the best part of working at Exsilio?”.. The answer is simple, our people! Every month we spotlight one of our awesome employees. These spotlights will highlight their experiences, accomplishments at Exsilio, and fun facts about what makes them great! This month, we're featuring Sylvia Cortez!

• Full Name: Sylvia Cortez
• Job Title: Sr. Developer Consultant
• Practice: Business Intelligence
• When did you join Exsilio? October 2011
• Hometown: Hong Kong
• Alma Mater: UC Irvine
• What was your major? ICS (Information & Computer Science)
• How would you explain your role here at Exsilio to a stranger? I transform data into useful information for company executives/owners to use. This helps them make a more informative decision about business strategy.
• What does a typical work day look like for you? Every day starts with a large cup of coffee. Then there are: meetings with clients, planning tasks, troubleshooting with my teammates, developing Microsoft reports, putting fires out. There is always something new to learn, which is really exciting to me.
• What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most? I love solving problems. It is like a murder mystery show on TV. As you keep working through a problem, it becomes more clear. Once I have successfully solved the problem, it makes me feel like I achieved something!
• What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far at Exsilio? When you work on a project, you need to view it though the clients eye to judge what they see as successful. Really understand their business, not just follow the requirements provided.
• What makes a great Exsilio employee? Good team players are really important here. We are always working in groups to help solve problems and build out solutions for our clients. Also someone who takes pride and ownership in their work. I want teammates who are as invested as I am in every project!
• What has been your favorite experience at Exsilio? Visiting the Microsoft campus and buying all the souvenirs from their company store.
• What are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work? Playing video games, listening to audio books, eating and sleeping!
• What is your favorite activity to do in Orange County? Finding new restaurants to eat at with my Hubby!
• Food that you can’t live without? White Rice. This would be my “last meal” choice, no doubt!
• If you were to plan your dream vacation, where would you be going? Bora bora, because it is where I went for my honeymoon. It is out of the world beautiful. Total paradise!
• Favorite Game (board or video)? Video game: Final Fantasy, Hitman Absolute. Board game: Apples to Apples

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